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There are three simple steps to working with me:

1. Book a free, no obligation Discovery Call to find out if I'm the coach for you.  Then, if you like what you hear...

2. Book a 90 minutes coaching session to gain clarity and move into action on a particular topic. Then, if you find yourself wanting more...

3. Book a 3 month coaching package where we can work on a more wholistic wellness plan together to get you feeling more confident, more in control and better equipped to handle a current and future challenges.

Read on to learn more about each of these 

Life Balance concept for Work and Travel


No obligation - find out if coaching is for you and if we are are a good fit to work with each other.


  • 45-minute discovery session 

A discovery session is a critical part of the coaching process as it enables you to begin to see how coaching can work for you and your unique set of circumstances and challenges. 

You can use this session to ask me anything about the process, the results that can be achieved, what's required, what you can expect, and we discuss in detail any concerns you may have.

I listen carefully to your situation and give you my honest opinion on whether or not I think I'm a good fit to support you with making the changes or realising the goals you have in mind.

We both use this session to discover if there is good "chemistry" between us, as this is super important in enabling us to work effectively together as coach/coachee.

There's no obligation for you to proceed after this call. My hope is that once we've spoken you'll feel heard, hopeful and keen to progress to booking a coaching session and/or package, but if not, that's OK too. Its really important that you're 100% comfortable with progressing. Well, at least 90% comfortable... everyone has their doubts and concerns at the outset. 

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Experience the power of coaching. Focus on a single challenge or goal. Come away with fresh insights, a broader perspective and clarity about your first action steps.


  • 90-minute coaching session on a specific goal or challenge, including preparatory and follow-up notes and actions.

  • Two accountability check-ins by WhatsApp or a 15 minute call within 14 days of your session.

A single session is an ideal way to "dip your toes" into coaching following an initial Discover Call. It's not a huge investment of time or money, and you may be surprised what we can achieve in 90 minutes. We can make progress in a particular area that is worrying or challenging you, or perhaps use the time to look more broadly across your multiple areas of your live to pinpoint where you would start to make changes. 

You'll always come away from a single session with a well thought out plan for the first steps, and often I've seen women be able to progress well beyond these steps once they gain momentum.

For those who have worked with me previously, a single session is also a great way to work through a new opportunity or challenge that you would like support with, or to have a more general check-in on how things are going every so often.  It's all about making time for you.

Price: €95

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Commit to change. Gift yourself the time and space to think, reflect, plan and take action. Build your confidence, become better equipped to handle challenges, feel more in control. Prioritise yourself as well as your family.


  • Initial 90-minute vision, goal & planning session.

  • Five 60-minute coaching sessions, including preparatory and follow-up notes and actions. 

  • 60-minute nutrition & mindset intensive - this can be replaced by an additional coaching sessions if preferred.

  • We developed a personalised wellbeing plan to guide you during and after coaching. 

  • You can avail of unlimited email/WhatsApp support between sessions. I do have set times in which I answer these, but you can interact with me as often as you feel you need to. This is particularly useful for accountability in the early stages of behaviour changes and adopting new mindsets.

You are unique - I tailor each coaching package to your specific situation and goals. You set the direction and the pace.  I adapt my approach to you using a variety of tools and techniques as we go.  We may experiment with different approaches but there is always one constant - there will be actions agreed by the end of every session that you feel confident & "ready enough" to commit to. 

Ready enough is an important concept here... its completely normal to feel stretched and uncomfortable at times during coaching.  If we don't get out of our comfort zones we can't change anything.  The difference is you will be fully supported at all times and we'll focus a lot on small steps that can build up to more substantial change.

Flexible times are available including evenings and weekends. All sessions are held online using Zoom. Alternatively, if you are based in Dublin, Ireland it may be possible for us to meet face to face.

Price: €490 (payment plan possible).

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