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I help busy women juggle career, family and their own wellbeing so that they can live well & be happy

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"Enough is enough.

Something's got to give.

Work is grinding me down and I feel like I'm letting everyone down. My clients, my colleagues, my family and ultimately myself.

There has to be another way to juggle it all, so I can feel like I'm thriving not drowning."

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Welcome, I'm glad you're here, my name is Nat McDonald, and through 1:1 coaching techniques I help women find ways to be happy, healthy and live well. 

I specialise in supporting women who want to progress their careers and are determined to find ways to do this successfully without sacrificing their family's happiness and their own wellbeing. 

Some of the areas I can help with include:

  • Tuning into your values and priorities - what's (really) important to you now?

  • All aspects of work-life balance (or probably more accurately work -life "blending"), from gaining clarity on how you'd like to be living through to the everyday practicalities of working with a family - things like building a support network, setting and working within boundaries and managing priorities

  • Developing self belief and confidence - finding (or rediscovering) YOU

  • Addressing feelings of anxiety and guilt (mum guilt... it's real...)

  • Caring for yourself - making it a priority

  • Addressing a multitude of career related challenges including those related to working from home and flexible working

I’m a mum to three teenage boys, a wife, and have a thirty-year international corporate career in my recent past.  I'm a certified Health & Wellness coach & in July 2021 will complete further training as a Personal, Leadership and Executive coach.

To learn more about what I do for my clients take a minute to read about why coaching works and how to work with me.  I'd love to hear about you, where you are and where you'd like to be, and see how I could help.

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Take a minute to consider this self-coaching question:

"What aspects of my life would I like to be different 6 months from now?"

For example, I'd like to be:​

  • Enjoying my time at work

  • Enjoying my time with my children

  • Prioritising really effectively - making choices as to where I spend my time and energy

  • Making time for myself and investing in my own self care

  • Actively managing day to day expectations at work and home by establishing and implementing boundaries that I can flex in exceptional circumstances but not regularly

  • Pursuing the degree of flexibility I  want or need at work without guilt

  • Feeling regularly challenged but not overwhelmed

  • Comfortable seeking and accepting help as necessary

  • Communicating clearly with those around me

If your answer includes a few of the above and you feel that some of your the old obstacles and thought patterns are likely to get in your way, then lets talk soon.​

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Kind words from some of the ladies I have worked with over the past two years describing what they've achieved through working with me.  I hope you find these inspiring.

Nat has been instrumental in helping me to find the courage to make some life-changing decisions, and I've felt supported every step of the way in that. Her direct, honest and flexible approach inspires a sense of trust and confidence in the coaching process. I'm hugely grateful to her for accompanying me on my journey... I couldn't have done it without her.

My recent sessions with Nat were both encouraging and enabling. She has a friendly disposition, while maintaining a professional stance, and I felt at ease with her style of communication and how she was able to "tease out" my ideas for achieving my future goals. Thank you Nat.



I loved my sessions with Natalie. She is a very good listener and provided me with some great advice. She actually helped me realise that some of my personal issues are concerning self-confidence and body image. I am very thankful to Natalie for helping me see what I should deal with in a personal level.

I began working with Nat during a low period... I have four young children, things were getting on top of me and I really had no idea where to start in terms of feeling "better".  Over 6 weeks we made great progress - we honed in on my sleep patterns and daily routines. I feel a lot more in control as a result of the session and have identified further realistic goals to work on this year.



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I know from first hand experience that combining a rewarding career and a family is hard, but it is possible, and I want to help you find ways to make that happen on your terms, in a way that looks and feels right for you.

The themes we work on in coaching are set by you. Here's some ideas of areas I have worked on to date that often come up when coaching women. 

If there's an area that you'd like to work on that's not listed below please feel free to Contact Me and we can either discuss further in person, or alternatively I can provide you information about others who may be able to help.


  • Finding purpose & meaning, deciding what is important to you

  • Prioritizing your energy, time, attention and resources

  • Designing realistic short and long term goals


  • Improving self confidence

  • Dealing with overwhelm

  • Addressing feelings of guilt

  • Building personal resilience

  • Creating and communicating healthy boundaries


  • Managing stress

  • Improving sleep

  • Finding time for yourself, getting organized, creating routines

  • Building healthy, sustainable food habits for you and your family

  • Becoming more active


  • Work/life balance & blending

  • Flexible working

  • Successfully working from home

  • Returning to work after maternity or other career breaks

  • Managing challenging workplace issues

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The purpose of coaching is to support you to make decisions and implement changes to your life, in order for you to be healthier and happier.  Changes may relate to your mindset, your behaviours and habits, or often both. 

Support does not mean me telling you what to do. 

Hopefully this doesn’t come as a surprise… but only you can decide that. 

As your coach I am here to help you by giving you the space to think, to make decisions, and to take action. In coaching sessions, you do most of the talking. I listen intently to you, ask you questions to help you tap into and organize your thoughts and feelings, work with you to form plans to experiment with new behaviours, test different tactics, and then practice and perfect those that prove most effective.  We will make plans that I will hold you accountable to. 

There is work between sessions and in preparation for sessions for both of us, but most of it will sit with you. So, you need to be prepared for this, genuinely want to make changes, and be committed to investing in yourself.  

Be assured that all discussions we have are fully confidential and I do not share any information about clients without their express permission.

What do women get out of coaching?

It’s highly personal but a shortlist of outcomes I hear from my clients includes:

A feeling of calm       

Perspective, clarity and focus

Motivation, determination and energy

A feeling of regaining balance, control, power and confidence.

The ability to shed energy draining commitments & habits without guilt

Discovery of practical, sustainable solutions to the “I’m too busy to focus on me” problem

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